M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business

General Small Business Consulting

The Consultant performs advisory and problem-solving roles relating to organizational, strategic, technology/marketing issues. Assignments generally begin with a simple and straightforward strategic evaluation of the Owner's/C.E.O.'s ultimate goals for the company or any part of it.


Once an appropriate business structure is in place or has been approved by the Owner/C.E.O., the Consultant is able to bring vast experience to bear on marketing, sales, organizational, Human Resources, technology/new product development, and general management challenges.


In general, day-to-day operating circumstances, the Consultant's more than thirty years of management and supervisory experience, coupled with his more than ten years of diverse problem-solving consulting experience to manufacturing and technology-based companies all become valuable resources for the Client in areas as diverse as:


The Consultant's many years of management experience as a mid-level and executive level manager in smaller and mid- sized companies, coupled with his more than ten years' consulting experience with privately-held small business companies, along with his own experiences in going from an "organization executive" to a "owner/operator" of a small business, have developed a keen sense of what is appropriate (and, just as important, what is not appropriate) for a small business with limited staff and budget.

Many "one size fits all" consulting approaches do not recognize the limitations in funds, manpower, and time that are challenges to a small business. The Consultant has made that transition and, with his resulting emphasis on long-term consulting relationships rather than a high volume of multiple projects, the Consultant has learned to "live" with his recommendations since he often is asked to help implement them. Such a result, especially under a retainer relationship, tends to breed a realistic sense of budget and timing into the Consultant's recommendations that may be lacking from the more traditional project oriented consulting firms.

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