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MARKETING: Projects usually included the performance of a Strategic Analysis, a review of technology and products available, a review of the Company's previous history of marketing and sales, and a survey of past customers and prospective customers. If included in the scope, focus groups may have been convened. Market definition data was obtained through market research, many times making use of the data base research capabilities of the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership - Southeastern Pennsylvania. If included in the scope, avenues of distribution and sales organizations were reviewed, evaluated, and changed/implemented.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Projects involving technology transfer vary from the R&D stage where a company is looking for funding, through the Beta Prototype stage where products/technologies are being produced in full scale or commercial configurations, through commercialization where not only funding, but management, facilities, equipment, and administration resources are needed. The Consultant has assisted companies prepare R&D funding proposals, has performed R&D administrative reporting tasks, has developed technology/new product marketing plans, has assisted in the structuring, recruiting, staffing, and establishing companies and/or virtual organizations that subcontract almost all aspects of their effort.

Additionally, in more mature companies that are licensing in or out, or are expanding their current product lines or technologies, the Consultant has performed technology/product market due diligence, drafted licensing agreements (in and out), drafted letters of intent for acquiring or divesting technologies, arranged joint ventures, and served as a go-between during very delicate negotiations across boundaries and cultures.

As a matter of course, the Consultant reviews the status of the technology/new product/new service to assure proper handling to protect proprietary rights and to avoid "giving away" data or secrets. Consultant is highly experienced in dealing with Federal Government rights in data and proprietary rights in Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) procurement at the Prime Contractor or Sub-Contractor levels.

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: A Strategic Analysis project usually centers around a family-owned or privately-held company where the owner(s) and executives are facing a need to grow (or conversely, downsize) and have either no idea where to begin or have begun and are disappointed with the results of their efforts.

The consultant performs a simplified SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis but focuses on the strategic goals of the owner(s) with respect to the family and/or the company. Based on the outcome of this analysis, the Consultant will work with the Client to develop the appropriate schedule/milestones and associated budget to accomplish the end results. Contrary to most Clients' expectations, the outcome of a strategic analysis is NOT predictable.

SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING: Projects with Small Business most often include the drafting of a Business Plan, including a strategic analysis of markets, technologies/products/services and the on-going assistance to the Client to implement various aspects of the Business Plan. Dealing with Banks, Investors, Advisory Boards, Management, and family are all part of this type of project.

Many times, especially in family-owned or privately-held companies, the Consultant's role is to present ideas, recommendations, conclusions in a positive, rational manner to allow acceptance by all members of the family or ownership.

One especially useful service provided by the Consultant to Small Businesses is that of referrals to organizations, institutions, individuals, and companies that can provide needed assistance during the various phases of growth (both positive and negative).

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: International projects fall into three categories: 1) US companies that want to export or "license-out" their product/technology; 2) US companies that want to import or "license-in" technologies/products for their use in the USA; 3) Foreign companies wanting a US partner for comercializing their product/technology in the USA.

These projects often combine all of the aspects of technology transfer, small business consulting, strategic analysis, and marketing - but with the complication of differing business cultures, languages, or expectations. Success is always built on recognizing those differences and dealing with them in a productive manner. This is where experience is invaluable.

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