M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business

Case Studies - Strategic Analysis

  • Performed marketing/sales organization reviews, strategic business analysis, offer reviews, and negotiation position papers for $5+ million engineering/manufacturing company with expanding business at the same time as it was being sought as a joint venture partner and as an acquisition by different foreign-owned companies.

  • Engaged by Principal of group of financial investors in investigating, performing due diligence, and in negotiating, drafting, and coordinating legal counsel for specific industry acquisitions and divestitures.

  • Engaged by emerging technology company to assist in organizing early stage company, developing strategic plan and resulting business plan to be used for fund raising; assisted in establishing business and technical advisory boards, and participated in recruiting and training managers.

  • Supported local emerging technology company in developing strategic plan and business decision-tree to evaluate an offer to be acquired - resulted in declining the offer and continuing the business for local children and adult patient medical education product making use of high-tech interactive kiosk and play items.

  • Worked fourth generation owners of long-term Philadelphia small business manufacturer to develop strategic marketing plan to commercialize a commercial product as an upscale consumer product, including focus groups, market research, customer and prospect contacts, and distribution system review.

  • Performed strategic marketing analysis for three companies in different product/service lines but all influenced by the disastrous downturn in electronics and telecommunications to re-evaluate their strengths and to locate new industries for their products/services, including: injection molded plastic products, tool & die maker, electro-mechanical job shop, small circuit board designer/manufacturer.

  • Developed strategic marketing plan for significant player in the paper color (i.e. dyes & pigments) industry allowing them to keep their base business and expand into other industries and establish a strategic relationship with a potential competitor in China.

  • Performed due diligence and feasibility study for significant technology company trying to expand its markets outside of the East Coast of the USA into the Southwest USA and Canada by locating and acquiring sales and manufacturing plants in the targeted market areas; resulting in one successful “go” and two “no-go” decisions - with the “go” company being a subsidiary of a foreign company.

  • Worked with national investment broker in preparing due diligence reports and marketing plans for US Department of Agriculture Industrial Development Guaranteed Loan Projects. Worked on diverse projects, including: indoor soccer stadium, economic development school, cancer treatment drug manufacturer, hog farm environmental automation, value-added distributor/re-manufacturer of bakery carts, wood products manufacturer.

  • Drafted business plan to franchise and finance a successful pet care complex concept family of companies for local business Owner; developed business plans and financing details with Owner’s Australian business partner to facilitate the start-up of a related joint venture for companion animal after-death services and products, later spun-off as a separate company. Assisted Owner in spin-off of Pet Grooming and Veterinary businesses without damage to the on-going total business.

  • Drafted & participated in drafting, negotiation and finalization of English (UK) and French distribution agreements and performed preliminary due diligence on domestic acquisition candidate for US chemical products company resulting in a decision not to go forward. Strategic marketing relationship negotiated in France and U.K. increased sales volume by 15% first year in the cosmetics industry. Performed due diligence for same company resulting in successful acquisition of technology and customer base.

  • Conducted strategic planning session with management of local precision instruments company facing fierce foreign competition, including setting up two year budget and staffing plan; drafted international joint venture agreement with PRC (People’s Republic of China), implemented through a five year distributorship agreement to salvage market share. Company’s joint venture/license relationship survived change of management and major re-structuring.

  • Performed market research and drafted detailed business plan for a high tech licensee of European optical (lens) technology manufacturer to allow their penetration of the boutique optical laboratory markets and to achieve funding from state and private sources. Company successfully negotiated second round of financing with private consortium.

  • Worked with management team of local $35,000,000 world-class steel foundry to develop detailed strategic growth plan and marketing policy to allow company to escape its ‘single’ market limited growth potential. Trained and mentored key sales manager during successful transition to Director, Sales & Marketing; assisted in locating, drafting and finalizing sales representation and stocking distributor agreements in US, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Peru, China, Australia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Also accomplished three searches for acquisition companies in the US and in South America, two of which were approved by the Board of Directors but were not consummated due to personality conflicts among the principals.


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