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Case Studies - Small Business Consulting

  • Supported local emerging technology company in developing strategic plan and business decision-tree to evaluate an offer to be acquired - resulted in declining the offer and continuing the business for local children and adult patient medical education product making use of high-tech interactive kiosk and play items.

  • Performed mediation between clients of merged law firms engaged in serious legal conflict; performed mediation among estranged family owners of successful but troubled privately held company; performed contract mediation among multi-levels of government sub-contractors; performed mediation among disagreeing board members of high technology company seeking outside investors.

  • Worked with $7.5+ million family-owned textile products company to establish ownership structure and organization, resolve personal conflicts among the Owners, develop complete Human-Relations function, develop and document a complete Purchasing & Inventory Control system, including cost-accounting elements.

  • Performed strategic marketing analysis for three companies in different product/service lines but all influenced by the disastrous downturn in electronics and telecommunications to re-evaluate their strengths and to locate new industries for their products/services, including: injection molded plastic products, tool & die maker, electro-mechanical job shop, small circuit board designer/manufacturer.

  • Developed strategic marketing plan for value-added Environmental Recycling Equipment distributor allowing him to become venture partners with both the equipment manufacturers and the end-user customers with residual cash stream generated by the sale of recycled material products. Re-drafted sales and purchasing agreements, drafted and successfully negotiated strategic relationship agreements.

  • Assisted national health fruit drink manufacturer locate, select and negotiate Master Distributor Agreement; then worked with Master Distributor to set up warehouse distribution, sub-distributors, and dealers. Also developed business and financing plan for raising working capital.

  • Retained by orthopedic surgeon with patented revolutionary technology to arthroscopically repair and replace major joints (i.e. knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, etc.) to recover from prior unsuccessful funding attempt. Developed segmented licensing approach to pursuing R&D funding as well as for raising working capital to take stand-alone segments of the technology to market.

  • Recruited by the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC) as a independent Closely Allied Small Business Consultant to assist businesses develop business plans, obtain working capital, apply for Ben Franklin and SBIR project funding, develop marketing strategies, and organize to achieve profitable growth.

  • Performed due diligence for small business investor group who sold their companies and wanted to re-invest in a manufacturing or small business service company; also performed technical, organizational, and marketing due diligence studies for local venture capitalists and investment broker firms on a project or retainer basis.

  • Worked with national investment broker in preparing due diligence reports and marketing plans for US Department of Agriculture Industrial Development Guaranteed Loan Projects. Worked on diverse projects, including: indoor soccer stadium, economic development school, cancer treatment drug manufacturer, hog farm environmental automation, value-added distributor/re-manufacturer of bakery carts, wood products manufacturer.

  • Working with inventor of a laser cane for vision impaired people successfully assisted in re-acquisition of technology and company from a failed buy-out of his original product design to re-introduce to market. Drafted Ben Franklin Technology Partners investment proposal for $67,000 which resulted in a $150,000 award ($83,000 more than requested - very rarely done). Authored SBIR Phase II proposal for laser guided wheelchair and drafted licensing and distribution agreements leading to an international marketing program to Greece, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia.

  • Drafted business plan to franchise and finance a successful pet care complex concept family of companies for local business Owner; developed business plans and financing details with Owner's Australian business partner to facilitate the start-up of a related joint venture for companion animal after-death services and products, later spun-off as a separate company. Assisted Owner in spin-off of Pet Grooming and Veterinary businesses without damage to the on-going total business.

  • Developed marketing/licensing strategy leading to successful manufacturing and sale (by others) of traffic control products (i.e. collapsible and rigid bollards, directional signage, safe-lock signs) invented by local inventor who did not want to leave his full-time job. Profitable sales of $150,000 were achieved the second year, growing to $250,000 by the end of the third full year with sales growth projected at more than 25% per year. Drafted all sales and distribution agreements, assisted in location and selection of the current manufacturing source; drafted business plan for acquisition of working capital, which was not required due to high margins.

  • Drafted detailed business plan and performed marketing study of new semiconductor wafer product market for existing "old technology" company which successfully resulted in receipt of significant state (PA) and private (international) funds. Assisted the owner in manning a booth at SemiCon West in San Francisco and in preparing for other international trade shows in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong resulting in successful distribution agreements and financial investments.

  • Performed market research and drafted detailed business plan for a high tech licensee of European optical (lens) technology manufacturer to allow their penetration of the boutique optical laboratory markets and to achieve funding from state and private sources. Company successfully negotiated second round of financing with private consortium.

  • Conducted a successful focus group for the internal copier procurement task force, including making detailed recommendations for purchase agreements, which saved local small electric utility more than $100,000 in avoided costs prior to its acquisition by a larger utility.

  • Developed business plan and sales/distribution network for the successful start-up spin-off of a company commercializing a water purification technology unsuccessfully marketed by the parent company.

  • Developed business financing and marketing plan for high-technology start-up company specializing in the development of fool-proof coin/token counter for the wagering industry. Obtained a preliminary USDA Rural Industrial Development Loan Guarantee commitment, only to be unable to find an appropriate rural site suitable to the inventors. Technology is currently in commercial production.

  • Acted as interim President of a start-up subsidiary of a major "Beltway R&D Company" to commercialize DOE-funded proprietary black liquor incineration technology as a commercial product; participated in the recruiting and hiring of ultimate President.

  • Acted as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, with continuing sales at 75% of prior levels during unsuccessful Chapter 11 work-out and subsequent Chapter 7 liquidation of major industrial shelving manufacturer. Acted as Sales & Marketing Manager for local automation and manufacturing systems engineering company during successful Chapter 11 workout.


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