M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business

Case Studies - International Business

  • Performed marketing/sales organization reviews, strategic business analysis, offer reviews, and negotiation position papers for $5+ million engineering/manufacturing company with expanding business at the same time as it was being sought as a joint venture partner and as an acquisition by different foreign-owned companies.

  • Performed due diligence and feasibility study for significant technology company trying to expand its markets outside of the East Coast of the USA into the Southwest USA and Canada by locating and acquiring sales and manufacturing plants in the targeted market areas; resulting in one successful “go” and two “no-go” decisions - with the “go” company being a subsidiary of a foreign company.

  • Working with inventor of a laser cane for vision impaired people successfully assisted in re-acquisition of technology and company from a failed buy-out of his original product design to re-introduce to market. Drafted Ben Franklin Technology Partners investment proposal for $67,000 which resulted in a $150,000 award ($83,000 more than requested - very rarely done). Authored SBIR Phase II proposal for laser guided wheelchair and drafted licensing and distribution agreements leading to an international marketing program to Greece, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia.

  • Worked with six foreign investors (individuals and corporations - U.K., Mexico, Australia, Germany, China, India) to establish US operations and to acquire US based companies and/or license/purchase US technologies. Successfully drafted the business agreements and licenses used as the basis for finalizing the relationships, including coordinating final review, editing and approval through multiple attorneys.

  • Worked with leading US manufacturer of commercial food preparation cutlery and chafing dish to develop a global strategy, including strategic manufacturing and marketing relationships. Strategic international manufacturing relationships in China, France and Saudi Arabia targeted at more than 20% cost reduction.

  • Drafted & participated in drafting, negotiation and finalization of English (UK) and French distribution agreements and performed preliminary due diligence on domestic acquisition candidate for US chemical products company resulting in a decision not to go forward. Strategic marketing relationship negotiated in France and U.K. increased sales volume by 15% first year in the cosmetics industry. Performed due diligence for same company resulting in successful acquisition of technology and customer base.

  • Drafted detailed business plan and performed marketing study of new semiconductor wafer product market for existing “old technology” company which successfully resulted in receipt of significant state (PA) and private (international) funds. Assisted the owner in manning a booth at SemiCon West in San Francisco and in preparing for other international trade shows in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong resulting in successful distribution agreements and financial investments.

  • Conducted strategic planning session with management of local precision instruments company facing fierce foreign competition, including setting up two year budget and staffing plan; drafted international joint venture agreement with PRC (People’s Republic of China), implemented through a five year distributorship agreement to salvage market share. Company’s joint venture/license relationship survived change of management and major re-structuring.

  • Authored and edited successful $450,000 US Trade & Development Authority proposal by local electronics engineering and manufacturing firm which resulted in the award of $2,500,000+ World Bank energy/environmental contracts in Irkutsk and Novosibisk (previous Soviet Union). Also authored matching Ben Franklin Technology Partnership (PA) award of $110,000 long-term loan.

  • Worked with management team of local $35,000,000 world-class steel foundry to develop detailed strategic growth plan and marketing policy to allow company to escape its ‘single’ market limited growth potential. Trained and mentored key sales manager during successful transition to Director, Sales & Marketing; assisted in locating, drafting and finalizing sales representation and stocking distributor agreements in US, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Peru, China, Australia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Also accomplished three searches for acquisition companies in the US and in South America, two of which were approved by the Board of Directors but were not consummated due to personality conflicts among the principals.

  • Worked with Owners of $15,000,000 specialty marine and exotic animal feed manufacturer to develop strategic international licensing plan for creating a world-wide manufacturing group of companies and licensees in Belize, Panama, India, China, Equador, Russia for ultra-high quality aquatic feed manufacture.


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