M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business
  • The Consultant is knowledgeable and has an outstanding track record in finding and successfully proposing to funding sources in Pennsylvania such as the Ben Franklin Technology Partners - Southeastern PA (BFTP-SEP http://www.sep.benfranklin.org), the Governor’s ACTION Team, Local County Industrial Development Organizations, Local Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) organizations such as the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC http://www.dvirc.org) located in Philadelphia covering the Southeast Pennsylvania counties and the Manufacturing Technology Center (MANTEC http://www.mantec.org) located in York covering the Central and North Central Pennsylvania areas.

  • For client companies with an interest in exporting goods or services, the Consultant has in-depth experience in export/import of goods and technology, including proposing, negotiating, due diligence, and finalizing: contracts, sales/distribution agreements, joint ventures, licenses, mergers & acquisitions. The Consultant is knowledgeable and experienced in all of such actions from the experience point-of-view of a corporate participant and of a consultant.

  • Success-producing relationships exist between the Consultant and The International Visitors Council & Philadelphia Trade Office (www.ivc.org) as well as the International Trade Specialists at various Small Business Development Centers throughout Pennsylvania (SBDC http://www.pasbdc.org) as well as through the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce overseas offices and country desks (http://www.inventpa.com/default.aspx?id=49).
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