M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business
  • Work with managers and executives to develop management skills and prepare those selected for promotions; particularly in family-owned companies, work with different generations or family branches to reconcile differences and to reach an operating consensus.

  • Reviewing, evaluating, and recommending new products or technology to be commercialized out of the Client's portfolio or by means of licenses or acquisitions or joint ventures.

  • Evaluating management performance of Client sub-organizations or of third party acquisition targets, along with implementation recommendations, also perform due-diligence on product/technology markets and commercialization status.

  • Organization planning, span of control, job descriptions, HR manuals, supervisory training programs & management coaching.

  • Sales department organization, commission/bonus plans, status reporting & prospecting approaches.

  • Sales terms & conditions, request for quotation reviews, proposals, purchase order terms & conditions, employment agreements, severance agreements.

  • Establishing marketing programs, ad agency relationships, promotional programs, response and follow-up systems.

  • Establishing sales representative or stocking distributor networks, both domestic and foreign, including locating prospects, negotiating terms, setting pricing discounts and warranties.

  • Negotiate with Customers and/or Vendors to resolve disputes, establish strategic relationships, and explore business relationships.
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