M.E. Gilligan Consulting, dba
Martin & Associates
Relationship and Organizational Strategic Consulting
Foreign / Domestic Business


"Let me tell you how I have helped others. With over 20 years of successful experience in growing, changing, or declining markets, I have helped them by:

  • arranging, writing, and negotiating license and joint venture agreements in the USA and in more than a dozen foreign countries;

  • establishing and nurturing strategic relationships for joint marketing, technology exploitation, joint ventures, and requirement procurements;

  • drafting, coordinating, negotiating and finalizing: policy manuals, employment agreements, sales terms, distribution agreements, purchasing terms, government & commercial sales proposals, and R&D or production contracts;

  • developing strategic marketing analysis for roll-out of new technologies and new products and for establishing growth goals to attract investors or institutional lenders;

  • assisting in recruiting, hiring, promoting, training and retaining or pruning key staff under challenging conditions;

  • advising & providing feedback for C.E.O.'s of smaller companies, including dysfunctional organization and succession challenges in family owned businesses.

I am uniquely able to help answer your questions and to assist you in accomplishing your Mission and Goal ... Let's Talk!"

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