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“. . . Martin Gilligan was involved in three potential Acquisitions for my business. The first was a learning experience involving a LONG Trip to Oklahoma to get to, meet with, and evaluate a potential plant acquisition. From the learning experience, discussions while stalled in the airport, and then the late night flying back from the prospect I learned what NOT to purchase in an acquisition.

The second target involved a dynamic opportunity starting on a Friday afternoon at 5PM, and working over the weekend at Martin’s house drafting the letter of intent during the 2002 Super Bowl weekend. . . . a Letter of Intent after the game [submitted] on Monday morning, and a signed agreement by the following Friday. The deal then closed April 2nd, 2002. (i.e. TWO Months from opportunity to closure. Needless to say, the deal would NOT have been accomplished with out the first dry run to Oklahoma and Martin’s flexibility, agility, and ability to help size up both the opportunity. In addition, the deal was relatively complex and Martin was able to help craft the structure to make it work for both our acquisition team and the Seller (a Joint Venture with one foreign parent - so not a straightforward deal).

The third deal was a good opportunity, but not the right timing for the Seller to sell. In summary, during the process, Martin has gotten to know my business, my personal goals and business drivers, and has helped me be able to grow my own business knowledge as my business had to weather the “go-go“ 90’s and the subsequent down turn in the 2001-2003 period.

I consider Martin a trusted advisor. He is able to help step back from the day-to day firefight and develop a perspective on not just business acquisitions, but as a sounding board for building today for future success. From our initial work in acquisitions, Martin has been a sounding board for foreign and domestic contract drafting, business strategy, partnership issues, bank financing and a host of business consulting. I would recommend him for sound advice form a non-partisan source without a hidden agenda.”

Robert Heldt, President, Single-Site Catalysts, L.L.C.

“Martin - For me, I look forward to your infusion of objectivity and wisdom when it relates to business concerns that we (at BCA) are dealing with. Often, as a "Type A" personality, when I'd like to tear someone’s head off, you force me to "see the light" and realize that only objectivity and a "clear head" will advance our business cause in the long term. You can quote me on this!”

Sam Theal, Principal, BCA Employee Management Group

“. . . Speaking of Martin, Malcolm [attorney] and I are very impressed with him. He truly has your best interest at heart, but does not lose sight of the practical aspects of a deal. You are lucky to have found him. I am copying Martin on this correspondence, not so he can read me blowing his horn, but rather because I truly have respect for his knowledge, approach, and execution, and he should know it. . . .”

Andrew Shea, President, SICO, Inc. upon execution of a product license with an M&A client

“. . . Thank you for your patience and insight into the inner workings of a Family Business. We both know that family relationships always complicate the already difficult job of running a business. I can honestly say that without your help and patience, Merrill Y. Landis, Ltd. would not have survived. I have recommended you to . . . and to many others. Your experience in business and manufacturing, along with your personal belief that there is always a win-win [solution] to any problem, has served MYL very well. . . .”

Steven Landis, President/CEO, Merrill Y. Landis, Ltd.

“. . . I want to express my sincere appreciation to Martin Gilligan. . . . I met Martin after having been referred by . . . what I first noticed about Martin was his trustworthiness. You could tell just by speaking to Martin that his “word” was as good and binding as a written contract. He was also of a character that you could probably just “shake hands” to settle the deal . . . his attention to detail and timelines was impeccable. Although I represented a small concern, Martin “treated” me as if I was his “biggest” client. . . . Martin is an ethical businessman and surrounds himself with business contacts and clients who share his same fervor for hard work, vision, and sense of fair play - similar people you would like to find as a potential business partner. . . .”

Paul Kocis, PharmD, RPh., Pharmaceutical Consultant

“. . . I’m writing to tell you that the consulting services of Martin Gilligan, which were brought to me through the efforts of DVIRC [Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center], have been very helpful to me. . . . Specifically, my company was looking at expanding its manufacturing operations from Pennsylvania to a west coast facility. I wanted to get an outsider advisor to evaluate the information we developed for our decision making. . . . Not only did his consulting address our California planning issues, but as other issues in the company became important, as related to the California planning process and preparation, Martin was helpful to me to work on them as well. . . A significant change occurred wherein we began to negotiate with a German company to develop a joint marketing/business approach to the western United States market [successfully concluded]. This is a very exciting prospect for our company. During the development of this aspect of our plan, Martin has been quite helpful. I find that Martin has a broad range of experience in numerous other corporate situations that is helpful to evaluate, eliminate, and decide on the next course of action. . . .”

J. Christopher Lang, President/CEO, Lang Tendons, Inc. in a status letter to DVIRC President, Barry Miller

“. . . I have been working, on both a personal and professional basis, with Martin Gilligan for the past 6 months. His attention to my issues and opportunities as well as the perspective he has brought to the table have been invaluable to my company and me. Martin is not a “Yes-Man,” he makes sure you hear what he is saying and he leaves no stone un-turned. There have been numerous occasions where I may have not been [in] agreement with Martin’s counsel, however that counsel has always proven absolutely invaluable in making sure that I don’t jump off a [business] cliff with my eyes closed. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to have someone tell us we’re full of baloney and: 1) not fire them, or 2) not listen to them. I haven’t been able to do either with Martin and I’m glad. . . .”

Theodore “Ted” LeBow, President/CEO, City Sort, Inc.

“. . . I am sending you this note in appreciation of the help you have given in starting my business. You have provided valuable knowledge regarding the consulting business. You shared with me many of your experiences, which helped me get my own practice off to a great start. You helped me avoid some common pitfalls and mistakes that most entrepreneurs stumble over. And, finally, the respect you showed regarding my marketing theories helped me gain the confidence to follow my convictions instead of following the crowd. I think my clients should thank you as well. . . .”

William Bonney, Principal, Ethos Marketing Inc.

“. . . We had the great fortune of being introduced to Martin Gilligan through a mutual friend and fellow entrepreneur who recognized that we really needed someone to help look out for our best interests. Martin quickly adopted us and has provided insight, rationale, agreements, sage advice, moral support, and important contacts. He has tactfully helped us negotiate a maze of landmines, from strategic development and business plans to venture capital and partner disputes. Martin has a wealth of experience and practicality coupled with a sense of integrity which is uncommon in today’s buiness world.”

Michael & Anne Strawbridge, Owners, Strawbridge Beverages, Inc. and Partners in Wild Fruitz Beverages

“. . . I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gilligan several years ago as my company pursued a Ben Franklin grant. Mr. Gilligan was one of the judges on the review panel. His questions and inquiry during the review process were especially helpful and enlightening to a new fledgling corporate executive like myself. He asked pointed and direct questions that made me carefully critique my business. I was extremely impressed with his exceptional listening skills and obvious sincere interest in the development of my business. He was very kind and his comments were thought provoking. My company was awarded the grant but then I lost track of Mr. Gilligan. . . . One Sunday, I sat reading the newspaper and an article by Ms. [Azriela] Jaffe caught my eye. She was featuring Martin Gilligan. In the article, she spoke of the countless referrals he had provided her for stories on local businesses and new entrepreneurs. It also discussed the many small local businesses that he had helped make it to the “big time,” often for minimal compensation on the front end. It was obvious that my first perception of Mr. Gilligan was accurate. He was truly a very considerate businessman with a keen sense of business savvy. My partner and I discussed the article and decided despite limited cash flow, one expense worth incurring was Mr. Gilligan as our professional business strategist. . . . He helped us successfully negotiate a contract with one of the top international toy companies in the world. He helped us critically value our company as we worked through an acquisition offer, which we eventually chose not to accept. He reviewed paperwork, analyzed contracts, assisted us with several major proposals and term sheets, an served as a professional coach and mentor. And, he did all these things for a very modest fee. We hope to someday hit the “big time” and justifiably reward him for his considerable support and effort. Mr. Gilligan is much more than a business colleague. Although I feel grateful to have such a stellar professional counsel on my side; I feel even better knowing that I have a true friend in my corner. . . .”

Ronda Graby Stump, M.Ed., President & Founder, Learning Tek, LLC

"Much thanks for your very professional input. I can assure you that we will use your suggestions for greater clarity and purpose."

Ken Platt, President, K-Zyme Laboratories, Inc. (Now deceased but not forgotten)

". . . Your communication skills, and broad business experience make you well-suited to help others achieve success in their businesses.

I suspect your most fertile client base will be among small, technically-oriented firms. You are blessed with a good technical and legal background, as well as an understanding of the human dimensions of business. I think Midwest Pressure Systems is similar to most small companies, in that we already know how to make what we sell. The real difficulties lie in staffing, organization, motivation, succession, planning, and contract issues. You are well-suited to provide tangible help in all of these areas. . ."

Robert A. Vogt, President, Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc.

"The recent assistance your firm contributed was most helpful. It is reassuring to know that WMT can access MARTIN & ASSOCIATES to address issues such as the . . . matter and the . . . WMT product development/licensing issue. What I find so useful is your ability to synthesize the problem or situation based on a couple of type-written pages [from us] and then produce the finished product with, in most cases, only minor clarifications on technical points.

I know it is difficult to summarize what it is that you do so well and even harder to communicate it, but what I think it all boils down to is broad business experience with a superior writing style."

Terry McCarthy, President, Water Management Technologies, Inc.

"Martin is adept at asking questions until the core problem of a situation is identified. Then he listens and discusses the various possible solutions, and the potential results (short and longer term). Risks and rewards are tallied so that the executive can better take successful action. Martin accomplishes difficult tasks well, and with excellent value to a client.

Martin accomplishes difficult task well, and with excellent value to a client. Business agreements and strategic alliances are only two of his fortes, not just the paperwork, but selecting and executing the best approach. Difficult personnel and organizational issues are another strength. Successfully working through these people areas, and “coaching” members of a team to raise their effectiveness, have brought profits out of losses. . . . If he says he can help solve an organization's problem or take advantage of an opportunity, believe it!"

John West, President & CEO, Control Techtronics International, Inc., Currently with Manpower, Inc.

"I have been in the animal health industry for the last twenty years, specifically concentrating my expertise in manufacturing, marketing, sales, and operational management, [and] in those twenty-odd years, I have never before had the pleasure to be associated with such a capable and competent individual, a person revered. Martin has not only the technical expertise to deliver his product; but his style of delivery is unique unto himself, which is a valuable sales tool in its own right.

Individuals or companies looking to utilize Martin’s expertise in developing business and personnel agreements (in either technical or layman terms, both binding), incentive plans, licensing agreements, and research proposals, to list a few, will find that he is a consummate detail person. Martin’s multi-faceted background gives him a unique and invaluable edge in problem-solving business issues or as a long term resource."

Jim Ruder, President, The Ruder Group

"Whether the project has involved creating sales representative agreements, resolving personnel differences, developing job descriptions, writing our corporate policy manual, negotiating agreements with major suppliers and customers or developing our "Terms & Conditions," your work has been timely, well done and extremely beneficial. Some of the agreements you and I have successsfully negotiated with much larger companies border on the unbelievable (i.e. David and Goliath) and were accomplished, in large part, through your understanding of relationships.

Over and above the specific details of your assignments, I have found two major benefits to Daisy Data, and me, . . . 1) Your experience and judgment has proven invaluable to me as Daisy Data has gone through the various trials and tribulations associated with rapid growth and expansion; 2) Your wise counsel and mentoring personality has benefitted my key managers, particularly in Sales/Marketing and Finance/Human Resources and we have avoided many of the mistakes and problems normally associated with rapid changes and increasing demands. . . . Feel free to have any of your prospective clients contact me concerning your work."

Henry Shefet, President & C.E.O., dSpåt, Chairman, Daisy Data, Inc. Chairman, York Haven Fabricators, Inc.

"Martin, as I recount the numerous projects you completed for us at DONLEE Technologies [and at Frog, Switch] in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements (both foreign and domestic), proposals for contract work with the Department of Energy, Gas Research Institute, etc., there's no question in my mind that you are uniquely qualified to provide the services and expertise you outline in the brochure [i.e. “Let’s Talk”]. Coupled with your “hands-on” operational experience, MARTIN & ASSOCIATES is a true full-service resource"

Lee Hughey, President, The Frog, Switch & Manufacturing Co.

". . . your skills and perspectives are well matched for your consulting focus of: (a) structuring international ventures, (b) addressing organizational issues for small, emerging businesses, and (c) your legal perspective in a variety of business matters . . . "

Andrew Hill, President, Hadley Associates, Inc.

"Knowing you as I do, and something of what you’ve effectively provided to companies you’ve previously served, this novel brochure [i.e. “Let’s Talk”] aptly describes your areas of business expertise and how you can make significant contributions to organizations needing vital assistance. Your competencies in negotiating technology transfer agreements, crafting contracts and facilitating strategic business planning and organizational change are recognized by many who have worked with you, as I have, as well as your unique ability to articulate issues with clarity and persuasiveness."

John Owen, Licensed Psychologist, Performance Systems International

"You have a lot to offer due to your wide operating experience, your analytical abilities, and your communication skills. . . . With the wrenching changes that are impacting all businesses today, executives seem to need help in maintaining focus in their organizations. That is something you are very good at [doing]."

John Case, President, Case Resources

"Certainly we can preach your praises as your assistance to BioAquatics in our licenses/teaming agreements was extremely helpful . . . in our travels and visits with companies, we would be more than happy to recommend your services."

Richard Williams, President, BioAquatics, Inc.

". . . Martin came into a situation of badly arrears delivery schedules and quality problems. Through careful preparation and skillful negotiations under difficult circumstances, Martin was able to forestall the aerospace primes from pulling contracts and penalizing the company. Then he went on to substantially increase sales and profitability through his skill at negotiating realistically priced contracts.

I can personally attest to Martin’s forthrightness and integrity, attributes not always found in the currently crowded field of consulting"

William Burr, Vice President, Bavier, Bulger & Goodyear

"Enclosed is your copy of the recently completed marketing and business plan for CGS Thermodynamics. This should close the loop with respect to information that you [i.e. DVIRC] required for approval of our $75,000 term loan. . . . We closed on the $35,000 investment from the Pennsylvania Technology Transfer Center on . . . I was quite pleased with the work Marty Gilligan did in completing the Marketing and Business Plans."

Thomas H. Darlington, Chairman & CEO, CGS Thermodynamics

"I appreciate all the information you have sent me. We would like to invite you to serve as a panelist for the afternoon session of the "Developing Business Opportunities in Russia and the Newly Independent States" event. . . . "

Lee Hsu, International Trade Assistant, Lancaster Economic Development Company

". . . Your participation and support helped to make it [i.e. Developing Business Opportunities . . .] a success. We especially appreciate the time and effort you invested in making your presentation both practical and interesting for those who attended. The feedback we have received was positive and the attendees seemed motivated by the information. . . ."

Cecelia Harrington, Director, Trade Development, Lancaster Economic Development Company

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